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A clean hotel will improve guest feedback

Thursday June 7, 2018

Clean and simple: a series of blogs from Cleanline expert Rod Hale.

We asked our Cleanline expert ‘Why is it crucial for hotels to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and what’s the best way to achieve it?’

And here’s what he told us…

Cleanline Expert – Rod Hale Twitter – @rodhale2

Every couple of years a new survey appears in the media highlighting exactly what makes a guest recommend a hotel they’ve stayed in, and on the other hand, what makes a guest leave critical or negative feedback instead.

You’d think that excellent service, the location of the hotel, the menu or the wine list are the top motivators.  Or maybe famous guests of the past, the spa, the gardens, the brand or the décor.  But you’d be wrong because in well over three-quarters of guests’ minds the chief indicator of a hotel’s standing is its cleanliness.

As hotel guest rarely have access to back-of house areas, the initial impression of whether a hotel is clean is usually found in the accommodation.  The first place visited is often the bathroom, and in the bathroom, the toilet is the first fitting to attract scrutiny.  The toilet is the most likely place to harbour germs and bacteria so even unconsciously, most guests will carry out a detailed inspection.

Even the slightest deficiency is enough to undermine a guest’s confidence; a tide mark caused by hard water in the pan is actually lime scale, but to a guest it’s dirt.  Prompted to look more closely there’s an unpleasant black stain just visible at the “U” bend, and the flooring around the toilet is slightly discoloured too.  Many hotel professionals don’t realise that guests get a superb view of the underside of the toilet rim whilst lying down in the bath, so that’s got to be squeaky clean too.

Moving on to the washbasin, the mirror on the wall behind gives a great reflection of the back of the taps which appear to be have been ignored for a while, and the overflow drain in the basin seems to have some sort of dark stain on the porcelain at the back.

At this stage, a guest might think that if the cleaning standards are shoddy in a vital area like the bathroom, then what’s the mattress going to be like? Or the duvet? Or the pillows? And does the same standard prevail throughout the hotel? In the kitchens? The pool?

At Bunzl Catering Supplies we recognise the power of a clean hotel bathroom in the hospitality industry. We acknowledge that many guests would prefer to abandon their visit than stay in a place that they consider to be unclean.  Our housekeeping range of Cleanline Super concentrated cleaning products has been developed for hotels with high standards that need simplicity and economy.

There are only four products, each dispensed into a re-usable screen-printed bottle by a free on loan wall mounted pump:  Cleanline Super Washroom Cleaner cuts through scum and body fat to clean and sanitise the outside of toilets, baths, showers, and tiles.  Cleanline Super Toilet Cleaner attacks the lime scale that dirt clings to and Cleanline Super Glass and General Purpose Cleaner looks after all hard surfaces, mirrors and glass.  Cleanline Super Air Freshener actively neutralises unwanted odours and leaves a subtle citrus fragrance; the remaining products are formulated to leave the same scent after use so there’s no clash of fragrances.

To ensure the very highest standards of cleanliness in your hotel, use our Cleanline range of cleaning products. For more information about the Cleanline range – look at our Cleanline e-brochure.