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The Jewel™ range embraces #NewYearNewMe

Monday January 7, 2019

Following a festive season full of indulgence, we often find ourselves pledging to become better versions of ourselves. With the #NewYearNewMe hashtag abound, unsurprisingly the most common new years’ resolution is to ‘eat healthier’ according to a YouGov 2018 poll. This drive towards healthy eating is also fuelled by 1 in 8 Brits who now identify as vegan or vegetarian with on-the-go eateries diversifying menus to include more plant-based options.

But it’s not just ourselves we’re bettering in 2019 – the environment is a huge priority for consumers, too. The airing of BBC One’s Blue Planet II has had an undeniable influence on how single-use plastics are perceived by highlighting the scale of marine plastic pollution. Everyone has become so conscious of ‘single-use’ plastics that it was even named Word of the Year 2018 by Collins Dictionary. With the rise of this increasingly mindful consumer, demands on single-use plastic packaging have changed considerably as we opt for more sustainable options.

So, with healthy eating and sustainability at the top of our agendas for 2019, retailers are looking for smarter packaging, like Jewel which embraces the mindful ‘new year, new me’ sentiment, whilst keeping food safe and fresh. This new range of tubs and trays launched by our supplier of food packaging Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) could be part of the answer to single-use plastic woes whilst on-the-go. The entire range is made from 100 per cent rPET and can be easily and fully recycled, where facilities exist.

As a signatory to the UK Plastics Pact, kp launched their Positive Plastics Pledge campaign in 2018, which outlines a four-point plan to achieve a circular economy for plastics through the following pillars – Innovate, Accelerate, Educate and Activate. The Jewel™ range was derived from the Innovate pillar with its crystal clear geometric design forming a clever easy-to-hold ‘jewel’ shape, made to fit in the palm of your hand, perfect whilst on-the-go. Items ranging from salads and yoghurts to sushi and sandwiches are all catered for by the range, allowing for recyclability across the board.

By 2022, the food-to-go sector is set to be worth an impressive £23.5 billion – and brands will undoubtedly compete for consumer attention. What’s more – in this competitive lunchtime market, time is of the essence; Millennials and Gen-Z who have attention spans of 12 and 8 seconds, respectively – making eye-catching design an absolute must to achieve on-shelf differentiation. For retailers with a focus on fresh, taking a slice of the meat-free pie requires eye-catching packaging which does not compromise the environment, making Jewel™ the perfect solution for 2019 and beyond.

In the wake of shifting consumer behaviour and attitudes, retailers cannot afford to miss the mark on mindfulness when it comes to packaging. Jewel™ proves its worth as the perfect all-rounder, earning points for sustainability, on-shelf differentiation and ergonomics – a winning combination for any on-the-go retailer with healthy resolutions for the New Year.

For more information on the Jewel™ range from kp, get in touch with Bunzl Catering Supplies today.