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The benefits of cling film are clear for the catering and hospitality sector.

Thursday May 9, 2019

Did you know according to Independent Chef Panel research 81 per cent of chefs, caterers and food and beverage Managers say cling film is an essential tool to keep their kitchen running effectively?

Or that PVC Cling Film is the easiest and most efficient way of preserving food and reducing waste? It’s true!

A staggering one million tonnes of food is wasted every year out-of-home according to a report by food safety company STS, our supplier Cofresco Foodservice – makers of the award-winning Wrapmaster – says that this could easily be reduced by using PVC cling film because of its ability to improve shelf life.

In fact, just 1 gram of cling film can preserve several kilograms of food, making it a positive and sustainable solution for chefs.

The benefits go far beyond freshness too! Cling film isolates food and will keep the integrity of the flavours. Hygiene and food safety are another benefit, with cross-contamination and food allergies high on the agenda – STS say that cling film will protect food, as well as consumers.

A natural resource-based solution made up of salt and vegetable oils, the PVC cling film from Cofresco Foodservice is specially designed for catering use and offers superior cling, stretch and high strength. It is suitable for all food wrapping – except pure fats, oils and food stored in an oily medium – and can be used in the fridge, freezer and microwave.

Used with the award-winning Wrapmaster dispenser, chefs and their kitchens will benefit from the ultimate cling film dispensing system.

For more information on the Wrapmaster dispensing system or PVC cling film from Cofresco Foodservice, view our informative pdf, or contact us today for more information.