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Bolsius Relight
Stay on trend through the seasons with Bolsius® ReLight®

Monday December 7, 2015

Most catering establishments change their menus at least once a year, with many choosing to adapt their offerings based on seasonal produce availability and outside temperature conditions. After menu changes and during special events such as Valentine’s Day, many establishments also change their tableware and packaging to create an atmosphere that reflects their new menu.

The Bolsius Relight concept combines convenience with trend and is the modern way to bring atmosphere by decorating with candlelight. The stylish holders come in different shapes and styles and can be refilled with the special Bolsius Relight refills. The refills allow caterers to quickly and easily change the colour of their candle to fit with their current stylings or adapt to a special theme or season.

During the summer months, the patio version of Relight ensures that diners can enjoy all the luxuries of indoor dining, whilst also taking advantage of the nice weather.

The refills are available in many different colours and prints that will give any interior a unique look and feel. The long burning time of 24 hours and the excellent quality, ensures that caterers do not need to worry about the candle and can focus on their diners.