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Smith Anderson’s Hot’n’Crispy gets even hotter

Thursday February 23, 2017

The options of hot food-to-go dishes that foodservice operators now offer has exploded, and enjoying hot foods has become an all year round trend. To keep food hot and customers happy, Smith Anderson offer the ultimate solution for keeping food items insulated, whilst retaining the crispy texture. Hot’n’Crispy is a simple, yet effective piece of packaging that helps to deliver a great eating experience.

Smith Anderson first launched Hot’n’Crispy back in 2004, since then the revolutionary patented packaging has become a favourite for heated display cabinets, and increasingly as the perfect packaging for keeping food preserved during restaurant home delivery.

Recent innovation with new materials allow for even more functionality; Hot’n’Crispy packaging can now be used up to 220°C. This, paired with the latest addition of an inner ply of non-stick siliconised greaseproof paper and heat resistant inks, means customers can also customise the Hot’n’Crispy range to promote their brand offering.Ideal packaging for...

Products in the Hot’n’Crispy range have been created to cover a wide portfolio of foods consumed on the go. Choose the wrap, which is simple to fill fold n’roll with a combined tear off strip to eat on the move – great for wraps, flatbreads and burritos. Or opt for the satchel version, perfect for fries, toasties, wedges, pizza, hot doughnuts and much more.

To fit with your 2017 menu options, Hot’n’Crispy is an ideal packaging product for deliciously soft, on-trend, Taiwanese inspired bao burgers, fried chicken sandwiches with rich sauces and crispy strips of tempura.

At Smith Anderson we pride ourselves in upholding high quality product standards, and offering a range of packaging solutions, including compostable and recyclable products.