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Sustainable Future

A positive impact on waste

Sustainable Future programme

Our Sustainable Future programme brings together and celebrates all the work our business undertakes for a more sustainable future in the catering and hospitality industry.

Our Sustainable Future reports form a key part of our communication strategy, both internally and externally, celebrating our successes to date and sharing our plans in line with our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2021, our Sustainable Future programme is underpinned by our long-term objectives to deliver our SDG targets, which provide us a clear and measurable path for continual environmental improvement.

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2018, we  adopted 5 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, to underpin the fantastic work achieved in our Sustainable Future programme.

Sustainable Development Goals have been developed by the United Nations and their business partners to identify, and start to address, the world’s leading sustainability challenges.

Underpinning the work achieved in our Sustainable Future programme, we are currently developing a strategy, across all core functions in our business, to deliver against the Sustainable Development Goals numbered 3, 12, 13, 14 and 15.
These goals are: good health and wellbeing (3), responsible consumption and procurement (12), climate action (13), life below water (14) and life on land (15).


Sustainable partnerships

In partnership with forward-thinking business partners across the supply chain to reduce waste and increase recycling in the catering and hospitality industry.

We believe that successful solutions are born when we work collaboratively. We’ve established and continue to maintain, meaningful relationships with business partners across the supply chain, who like us, are committed to tackling the issue of waste in the catering and hospitality industry.

These business partners include Simply Cups, ACE UK, Hubbub (The Square Mile Challenge), PCRRG (Paper Cup Recovery Group) and PIRAP (Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan).

Simply Cups at Loughborough University

Square Mile Challenge Recycling Initiative

Choice of environmentally responsible products

A choice of environmentally responsible products, including a range of compostable packaging products which are EN13432 certified, and paper and card based products which are FSC and PEFC certified.

We offer a wide choice of environmentally responsible disposables and food packaging products. We work closely with our customers to consolidate their product ranges into a single material type (where possible), to make segregation at point of disposal, and subsequent recycling, simpler. We advise our customers to fully consider the end-of-life options for different material types – and to talk to their waste provider before making any purchasing decisions.

London Bio Packaging is a specialist business within Bunzl Catering & Hospitality division dedicated to supplying sustainable products, including an exclusive brand of compostable packaging called Sustain and recyclable packaging called Revive.

Environmental accreditations

Environmental accreditations include ISO 14001 accreditation, which means we have implemented and maintained an Environmental Management System (EMS) which provides for continuous improvement in environmental performance.

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Sustainable Future blog series

Justin Turquet, Head of Sustainability, Bunzl Catering & Hospitality division, tackles the big issues on Sustainability in the catering and hospitality industry in a series of informative blogs.

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