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Seal the deal with labels and snack-sized pots

Friday July 1, 2016

Meal deals at quick service restaurants in the UK have grown by 22% in the last five years. With more consumers looking for the best deal for lunch, foodservice operators can benefit from offering all elements of a meal for a convenient set price.

Make it easy for your customers to know which items are included in the deal, by creating labels that state ‘meal deal’. Caterlabel our cloud-based label printing software from our exclusive brand Label 2 Go, allows you to print product information, nutritional details, allergens and even add a logo or additional text onto your labels. By using Caterlabel you can easily conform to FIR (Food Information Regulations) but also design the layout of your labels to fit with your branding.

A standard meal deal includes a main, snack and drink. Mains are usually sandwiches, salads, pasta and wraps. Snacks can be anything from crisps, fruit, pudding pots and veggie pots. With our snack-sized Graze Pots, designed in partnership with London Bio Packaging, you can display smaller snacking portions for your customers which are ideal as part of a meal deal.Graze PotsGroup shot of Graze pots

Give your meal deal a twist by offering meal options that are both healthy and filling and contain unique and innovative combinations. HIM research found that 23% of shoppers are willing to pay a higher price for a meal deal if there was a wider range of products. For smaller caterers, having a wide range of products to begin with may not be suitable, however by starting with a selection of already popular items, operators will be able to gauge popularity and then expand the range.

Meal deals in general promote loyalty, provide additional footfall and increase basket spend, especially if the deal is an easy to grab-and-go option which is healthy, filling and priced competitively.