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“Scent Technology” taking the hospitality and catering industry by storm.

Thursday January 24, 2019

Everyone has heard the old saying ‘you only get one chance to make a good first impression’. First impressions can be near impossible to reverse, making first encounters in the catering and hospitality industry extremely important, for they set the tone for the experience that will follow.

If you run a catering or hospitality business, it is vital to know how to create a good, welcoming environment from the out-set. And believe it or not, ‘scent technology’ is a key part of making this happen.

Our sense of smell is the strongest sense in relation to our memory – we are 100 times more likely to remember something that we smell than something that we see, hear or touch. Appealing to the sense of smell in paying guests or customers is far more important than previously realised. According to branding expert Lindstrom, “Seventy-five per cent of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell”.

So, what can establishments do to improve their guest’s fragrance experience?  Well, choosing the most effective product from those available in the market is key.

Our supplier Vectair Systems has released EcoShell®, its latest non-aerosol air freshener which utilises ‘clip and go, clip and throw™’ technology.  Powered by natural airflow, the unique shell design is not only visually attractive but provides a large surface area for superior scent delivery, with curved vents and internal slats for better distribution of fragrance.

Its stylish, high-end design means that EcoShell® can be used in a variety of different locations, including hotel bedrooms, offices, washrooms and catering establishments.

EcoShell® is particularly effective when placed onto or near to an air conditioning vent, which further propels fragrance into the atmosphere. Similarly, EcoShell® can be attached to a floor fan, where the increase in airflow will really bring the air freshener to life.

Using either a clip or a sticky pad EcoShell® can be fitted quickly and easily to almost any surface. Once EcoShell® has been installed, the user can replace the dispenser with a brand new version using the same fixing when needed. It is safe and simple to install, especially in small areas, with no tricky settings to programme.

Paul Wonnacott, Managing Director of Vectair Systems says, “We see scent technology as a huge driver in the hospitality sector for 2019. Cleanliness isn’t glamorous but it is imperative. According to a study by Market Matrix, the leading feedback management platform in the hospitality industry, cleanliness is the leading global driver of value in both Europe and the Americas. LateRooms reported that 90 per cent of travellers avoided booking hotels labelled as ‘dirty’ in online reviews.

And, it was announced that according to a new study by, respondents valued cleanliness the most important, with it being 35 times more important than free internet. The research was based on 148 million sentences pulled from customer reviews written by travellers all over the world.

So, cleanliness is clearly important in order to enhance the guest experience and boost positive online reviews, but cleanliness doesn’t just mean the facility being clean – it is just as much about the perception of overall freshness.”

Also available from Vectair Systems are the Wee-Screen® and P-Screen® urinal screens, which can be used in conjunction with their fragrance systems to find solutions to all of your fragrance needs.

For more information on the Ecoshell® air freshener from Vectair Systems, contact Bunzl Catering Supplies today.