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Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemicals

Tuesday September 8, 2015

SDS are a document containing information on potential hazards (health, fire, reactivity and environmental) associated with a chemical product and how to use it safely. Most people know them as ‘Safety Data Sheets’ or simply ‘COSHH Sheets’. Although we all know they’re important, many of us don’t know why.

Access to an SDS document for all the chemicals on site, is a statutory requirement as part of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations. All employers must provide access to SDS to any employees who may be exposed to potentially hazardous substances, as it contains information and guidance about working safely with each specific material.

As an employer, you are required to have the SDS on site for every chemical that you and your employees use. SDS are not only there to simply comply with regulation, they contain a veritable ‘ingredients list’ of compounds that make up the chemical involved. If an employee has an accident that involves a chemical, it is imperative that the emergency services see the SDS to treat the incident effectively, which could save someone from serious injury.

Our exclusive brand Cleanline provides COSHH awareness training via a unique e-learning website. Employees are able to complete the training, which include five videos and questions, in fewer than 15 minutes from any internet enabled device. Employers can use an admin account to keep track of which employees have completed training. Another excellent feature of the Cleanline website is instant access to product resources, including the SDS for Cleanline products, at the click of a button.