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Rubbermaid launches Quick Cart range

Tuesday August 4, 2015

Around the clock, housekeepers and back-of-house staff work diligently to maintain a neat and clean appearance in guest facilities. This ensures guests and visitors experience the comfort and cleanliness they expect at all times.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products has just launched the Quick Cart; the industry’s most durable mobile cart solution that empowers staff to maintain areas discreetly and efficiently.

The Rubbermaid Quick Cart is the industry’s most durable mobile cart solution for housekeeping, janitorial and maintenance environments. Constructed with high-performance materials for added strength and durability, this compact cart withstands rigorous daily use. Treated with Dupont Teflon® fabric protector, the Rubbermaid Quick Cart repels water, oil and stains, to greatly extend the life of the cart.

Quick Cart is designed to:

  • Remain inconspicuous by blending into public areas and disappearing into guest rooms, keeping the cleaning process hidden from view
  • Move easily throughout a facility and manoeuvre in tight spaces
  • Deliver a flexible solution with versatile compartments for multiple configurations

For the best results:

  • Create a standard pack-out process for each use in your facility
  • Define staff responsibility for stocking carts, restocking supplies in pack-out area, linens removal, and glassware replacement
  • Engage and train staff and ask for feedback
  • Designate areas for stocking Quick Carts and for storing replenishment supplies
  • Pair with Rubbermaid Executive Series X-Cart to manage soiled linens and utilize closets on each floor for stocking clean linens