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Rubbermaid Launch Slim Jim Step-On

Thursday August 13, 2015

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is proud to introduce two new lines of Slim Jim containers designed to satisfy the diverse needs of any facility. The Slim Jim Step-On containers maximize space efficiency with a small footprint and slim profile ensuring a perfect fit in even the tightest spaces. Slim Jim containers enhance environment aesthetics, ensure safety and well-being, and improve productivity.

Fits in the Tightest Spaces

Available in front step and end step styles, Slim Jim Step-On containers provide optimal solutions based on your space requirements. Unlike other step-on containers that scratch walls when the lid is activated, our internal hinge design keeps the surroundings intact. Premium quality materials and finish enhance aesthetics of any environment.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Slim Jim Step-On containers are designed and engineered with ease-of-use in mind. Features like liner cinches, liner retainer bands and dual stream options make these containers intuitive to use while reducing time and effort needed to manage refuse.

Guest and Patron Satisfaction

All Slim Jim Step-On containers feature an integrated lid dampener to minimise noise caused by lid closure. The Factory Mutual Certification and HACCP compliance give you peace of mind that the container you choose for your facility meets all regulatory standards.

Comprehensive Offering

Available in both resin and stainless steel, five sizes, six colours and two different styles, Slim Jim Step-On containers are designed to meet any facility needs.

The Benefits

  • Slim Profile and Small Footprint “Maximises space to fit into tight spaces”
  • Internal Hinge Design “Prevents wall damage”
  • Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel “Easy to maintain for enhanced aesthetics”
  • Quiet and Controlled Lid Closure “Minimizes noise to enhance guest and patient satisfaction”
  • Factory Mutual Certified “Ensures fire safety for regulatory compliance”
  • HACCP Compliant “Foot operation avoids contact between hand and waste”
  • Liner Retainer Band and Clinch “Easily and securely holds polyliners”
  • Optional Duel Stream Rigid Liner “Simplifies sorting, making recycling quick and easy”
  • Increased Foot Pedal Clearance “For easier access and operation”