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A convenient alternative to fresh milk

Wednesday August 12, 2015

Milfresh superior granulated skimmed milk is ideal for anybody wanting to enjoy high quality hot drinks from automatic machines. It is healthy, skinny (fat free), 100% dairy and the UK leader in granulated milk for application out of home.

Milfresh makes coffee shop style drinks achievable though most automatic machines – even vending machines. The secret behind the Milfresh difference lies in selection of only the finest of milk, with very careful processing to protect its quality.

Milfresh milk comes from very high quality dairies and is carefully dried, using low heat to create the UKs best dried milk.  The milk granules are designed to dissolve easily in machines, so you can enjoy luscious lattes and creamy cappuccinos with a thick, dense tight foam and creamy taste – a creaminess not often associated with skimmed granulated offerings.

Unlike conventional non-dairy creamers, often known as whiteners, Milfresh is fat free, lower in calories and made only from fresh milk. For every hot beverage made with traditional whitener, you can have 33 hot beverages with Milfresh before you intake the same amount of fat!

It is even possible to make Milfresh up into cold skimmed milk for use on your cornflakes!