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RAP launch the 100 per cent compostable Precious Planet food packaging range

Monday April 29, 2019

Our partner supplier of food packaging RAP, has launched a new EN13432 certified 100 per cent compostable food packaging range called Precious Planet, which is made from board produced from agricultural waste and film made from plants.

Products in the range include the Standard Fill Sandwich Wedge and Deep Fill Sandwich Wedge, three HandRAPs (Baguette Collar, Long Tortilla and Stack Bloomer), Large Salad Tray and Small Salad Tray.

The sandwich packaging board, which is made from AgriRap™, is produced solely from agricultural waste. This waste includes wheat, rice, corn and sugar cane, whereby only 20 per cent of the plant is used for food; RAP uses the remaining 80 per cent of the plant fibres to convert them into paper board. According to a Life Cycle Assessment conducted by IVAM University of Amsterdam, using this board provides an environmental saving of 47 per cent compared to FSC paper based on wood fibres, and 29 per cent compared to recycled paper.

The salad trays on the other hand are made from a stronger board, which is produced from managed forests.

To enable visibility of the packaged food, protect it and keep it fresh for longer, RAP use a film that is made of wood pulp from managed plantations and is FSC certified. This film is also EN13432 certified compostable and is suitable for anaerobic digestion (ISO 15985).

The Precious Planet range is of significant importance, and further underlines RAP’s commitment to introducing more sustainable products to the marketplace.

The range lands on the back of RAP’s nomination in Packaging Europe’s “Sustainability Awards 2018”, for its AgriRAP sandwich wedge, and since its launch has won a number of awards including:

  • UK Packaging Awards 2018 – WINNER: Best New Concept
  • Ecopack Challenge 2019 – HIGHLY COMMENDED
  • FPA Awards 2019 – WINNER: Product Innovation
  • Sammies 2019 – SHORTLISTED: New Product (Packaging) Award

For more information on the Precious Planet range from RAP, view our informative pdf, or get in touch with us today.