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PVA Hygiene: A simple and effective way to clean

Friday October 7, 2016

Cleaning chemicals are essential for any area where food is prepared or consumed. They are needed to remove soiling from surfaces and stop harmful bacteria from spreading. When you’re short on space, it can be difficult to find the room to safely store all of your crucial kitchen items, including those all-important chemicals.

PVA Hygiene markets an innovative means of dosing and controlling cleaning products by providing chemicals in powder form encapsulated in a water soluble sachet. The revolutionary capsules are measured out in the correct dosage for different application areas to offer convenience with effective, reliable performance.

PVA Hygiene capsules

The simple and easy to use concept avoids spillage problems as it does not require complicated dosing systems, and because the sachets are dry, compact and light, they reduce storage space and transport costs, whilst being safer to handle.

To use the concentrated chemical powder, fill your trigger bottle or bucket with the recommended amount of water and add your required capsule. To dissolve the powder either shake your securely closed trigger bottle or stir the bucket.

PVA dissolve

Available in pack sizes from 20 to 150 sachets and in two sizes, trigger capsules and bucket capsules, the powder sachets come in tubs or resealable plastic bags to allow for easy storage and reduced packaging.

The PVA Hygiene range includes multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser, disinfectant, sanitiser, glass & stainless steel cleaner, washroom surface cleaner and laundry powder.