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PURELL Surface Sanitising Spray & Wipes launched to address a specialised need within the food environment

Thursday January 4, 2018

Many people spend a lot of their time at work, school, hospital, shopping, and other commercial and leisure facilities. These areas with high traffic of people have higher chances of playing host to a variety of germs. There is also a threat of sickness and infections in places where people are in contact with each other every day, if proper hygiene and sanitation measures are not followed.

In a recent study completed by Bowling Green State University, researchers swabbed three common objects—salt shakers, menus, and ketchup bottles—from four restaurants at six separate occasions, and then analysed the samples to see which kinds of germs were lurking. They discovered that aerobic bacteria, the kind that grows and thrives when oxygen is present, were the most common kind found on each surface.

Aerobic bacteria was found on 100 per cent of the ketchup bottles and 83 per cent of the menus, Coliform bacteria was found on 17 per cent of the salt shakers and 4 per cent of the ketchup bottles, and E.coli was found on 4 per cent of ketchup bottles and 8 per cent of menus, the scientists found.

To avoid bacteria growing on all equipment and surfaces it is important to ensure that they are cleaned and sanitised thoroughly and regularly throughout the day. All crockery, cutlery and glassware used to serve food to customers will also need to be cleaned after every use.

There are also other less obvious areas that should be regularly cleaned and sanitised. Walls, doors and even windows in the food preparation area should all be frequently cleaned, along with external items such as chairs, tables and service counters.

Our supplier GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd, hand hygiene specialist, has extended its expertise in surface hygiene with the launch of the PURELL surface sanitising portfolio. The PURELL Surface Sanitising spray and wipes are fast acting, highly effective and specifically designed to meet surface sanitising needs within food contact areas.

Ideal for use on food prep surfaces and front of house tables,  the fragrance free formula has no harsh chemicals and fumes. There is also no rinse required on food contact areas, having passed the ISO 4120:2007 food tainting test. The PURELL surface sanitising products are suitable for a variety of applications, such as the sanitising of: kitchen utensils, food storage containers, smooth non-porous surfaces, refrigerated display cases and other plastic.

The PURELL Surface Sanitising spray and wipes come ready-to-use with high antimicrobial efficacy that only takes 30 seconds to kill germs. They have been tested specifically on Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and Yeast for the foodservice environment. The spray and wipes are bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal so can be used with complete confidence.

GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd Commercial Vice President, Mike Sullivan said, “35 per cent of foodborne illness cases are attributed to poor sanitation and 16 per cent of these are due to contaminated equipment or environment. The PURELL brand has been trusted for decades to safely and effectively eliminate germs on the skin. Now, backed by years of scientific expertise, the new PURELL Surface Sanitising Spray & Wipes can play a major part in helping to reduce foodborne illness too.”

For more information on the new PURELL Surface Sanitising Spray and Wipes – please contact your local Bunzl Catering Supplies branch.