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New Cleanline e-brochure provides professional cleaning solutions for the kitchen, washroom and front of house and bar.

Thursday June 1, 2017

Joining the Bunzl Catering Supplies’ collection of core-range e-brochures, we’ve launched a 28-page e-brochure dedicated to our exclusive brand of cleaning products and systems called Cleanline.

Cleanline is manufactured in the UK and designed specifically for professional cleaning in the catering and hospitality industry. Cleanline is supported by a dedicated in-house team providing customers with free on-site surveys, consultation and aftercare. A 24-hour emergency response service is provided by Carechem24.

Accessed online in a ‘flipping book’ format, the new Cleanline e-brochure presents complete cleaning solutions for the kitchen, washroom and front of house and bar areas in three distinct colour-coded sections. Each section is divided into area and task, ovens and grills – cleaning, for example, with an introduction that includes useful ‘how to use’ information.

Catering for smaller operations with a range of ready-to-use trigger bottles, and larger operations with concentrate and super concentrate products (designed to be diluted on site) – the Cleanline range exactly meets the requirements of differently sized operations, for best and most cost-effective cleaning results. Every concentrated product is listed alongside its required dosing equipment, whether that’s a simple pelican pump or a multi-dose dispenser, making choosing and ordering the correct product and equipment very simple.

The new Cleanline e-brochure provides products and systems to undertake important daily tasks in a foodservice environment, from cleaning and sanitising in the 2-stage clean, cleaning and degreasing floors and walls and manual and machine washing up, to disinfecting and deodorising toilets and urinals, cleaning and polishing mirrors and glass and glass washing.3232

A 1-page guide to machine dishwashing includes links to six ‘how to’ videos which give information on how a commercial dishwasher works, how to unblock a jet, and how electronic dosing units work, in a simple, short video format.  Ideal for trouble shooting any small issues in your dishwashing operation and ensuring you get best results for your crockery and cutlery.

The latest addition to the Cleanline range is featured in the e-brochure too. BCS Cleanline E-brochure 2017_Page_14A complete professional Kitchen Cleaning Kit. Comprising of the three cleaning products that are imperative to the success of routine kitchen cleaning: Cleanline multipurpose cleaner, Cleanline food safe cleaner sanitiser and Cle anline heavy duty degreaser. The complete professional kitchen cleaning kit is designed to support a two-stage cleaning regime, a hygiene procedure recommended by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for cleaning a professional food preparation environment, and the reason why the kit has two separate cleaner and sanitiser products, which work together. The kit has sufficient concentrate to make up 67 trigger spray bottles of each of the three products – ideal for getting started in the kitchen, refills are available to top-up your supplies when you are running short again.

The Cleanline e-brochure also contains a full outline of the Cleanline COSHH awareness e-learning website. The 3636COSHH training and product resource website is a free e-learning tool for customers using Cleanline Professional for daily cleaning tasks. It delivers up-to-date COSHH awareness training to individual users in less than fifteen minutes via a series of short videos and multiple choice questions. The videos provide clear information on key topics such as safety rules, CLP labelling, hazard symbols and emergency first aid measures – ideal for regular COSHH awareness training or completed as part of an induction. You can view our Cleanline COSHH training resources on our dedicated training website

Take a look at the Cleanline e-brochure – Cleanline e-brochure

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