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Kraft napkins and Towel napkins – what’s new in tableware?

Friday May 12, 2017

Did you know – JK Rowling used a napkin to sketch down her first ideas for Harry Potter, and Lionel Messi signed his first professional football contract on a napkin?

Disposable napkins and tableware are essential for restaurant and catering operators – they are a must have item, whether on the table or the counter-top. The reason they are important is they are practical, imperative for dining hygiene, and they look good – and first impressions are everything when serving food.

Two new trends in the marketplace for tableware are: Kraft napkins and Towel napkins. Kraft napkins have gained popularity in parallel with the rise of street food – their natural, organic vibe make them great for businesses selling locally sourced, seasonal food – with an emphasis on the sustainable.  The new phenomenon of Towel napkins re-connects guests to the kitchen, popular with casual dining operators, they blend a premium look and feel – with the practicality and speed of a disposable napkin option.

Why are disposable napkins popular anyway?

Food is messy, so customers need something to clean themselves with, and a disposable paper napkin is always fresh and sanitary. Linen napkins however, sometimes aren’t, and your business will be reliant on a dependable laundry service, which isn’t always cheap.

As well as their practical application, disposable napkins and tableware can be an influencing factor on your customer’s first impression of your business. The right tableware will match the decoration or ethos of your dining environment – it might affect the mood, and will certainly add to the overall experience that your guests enjoy.

il_fullxfull.1051854807_4honKraft napkins – the perfect street food accompaniment?

We’ve seen the popularity of Kraft napkins grow recently. And the reason they are so popular can be attributed to the rise of street food: For vendors serving rich, sticky, sauce-laden offerings, where sticky fingers are inevitable, napkins are essential. Street food menus reflect the ethics of their young, vibrant creators – as does the way they run their operation. They serve what’s fresh, what’s local and what’s sustainable – and they expect tableware to fit this model too.

RC81411-8x6-80pc-300dpiKraft napkins are often made from recycled materials and unlike coloured napkins don’t involve a bleaching process. Exclusive brand TableSMART offers a recycled dispenser napkin, and a recycled 33cm 2-ply napkin, both branded with a 100% recycled logo. The recycled logo allows operators to demonstrate their commitment to the environment  – a must have for those serving street food with a focus on sustainability.


Towel napkins – smarter than the average paper napkin?

132038_largeThicker than a disposable napkin, with a more premium feel, the Towel napkin is an extremely smart alternative to linen, bringing the feel of the kitchen into the dining environment.

More and more restaurants are following the trend of ‘open kitchens’ as a sign to customers that they have nothing to hide – so introducing a kitchen towel-style napkin into the dining area fits with the blurring between kitchen and dining spaces in casual dining restaurants.

Disposable Towel napkins are made from paper so they’re always fresh, clean and ready to go, and will not incur the laundry costs associated with linen napkins. Towel napkins from Duni are flat-packed for total folding freedom and come with a FSC certification.

Is branding important?

Branded front of house products promote recognition, and can differentiate an operators business from their competitors. Branded tableware can engender trust, when recognised by the customer as well-established and reputable.

Casual dining chain Nando’s recently used crnando-seatively branded napkins to directly engage customers as part of a marketing campaign, promoting their new ‘Wing Roulette’ platter.

At Bunzl Catering Supplies we have an unrivaled selection of napkins and tableware, from tissue counter-top dispenser napkins to linen style table napkins – as well as a selection of Kraft napkins and Towel napkins of course!  For more information and to view our tableware ranges – click here to view our Tableware e-brochure.


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