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kp Infinity™ range of recyclable food containers now includes three large meal boxes

Friday September 18, 2020

Bunzl Catering Supplies has expanded its range of innovative, fully recyclable food boxes made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) this month, in response to positive feedback from the catering and hospitality industry. Three large HP4 meal boxes are now part of the range, available in single compartment, 2-compartment and 3-compartment formats and cased in packs of 125.

Called the kp Infinity range, the food containers are a premium packaging solution made from EPP, a new and exciting fully recyclable mono-material developed as an innovative alternative to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), a material that will be banned by the EU Single Use Plastics Directive in 2021.

Keeping food hotter whilst cool to hold, microwaveable, water resistant and resistant to acids, alkalis and hot oils – kp Infinity food boxes are an all-round practical and durable food presentation solution for hot food.

Helen Bird, Strategic Engagement Manager, WRAP commented: “It is great to see not only innovation from kp in the development of this range, but the rigorous process they have undergone in the material selection to ensure they are doing the right thing. If collected for recycling, this range will be effectively sorted from other plastics for onward reprocessing into new products.”

kp Infinity is an innovative addition to kp’s sustainability portfolio that has been proven via an independently run Life Cycle Analysis to be a most sustainable packaging solution that outperforms other material solutions, with significantly reduced energy and water consumption and a much lower carbon footprint.

Katie Bradbury, Sustainability and Packaging Innovation Manager, Bunzl Catering Supplies, commented “A premium and practical range of food-to-go hot food packaging, kp Infinity™ is an example of excellence in product innovation because it has been designed to be recyclable in the existing waste management infrastructure. Product design and material innovation will play a critical part in meeting forthcoming environmental legislation in the catering and hospitality sector, and we are committed to bringing the very best packaging solutions from our suppliers to our customers. The bold on-pack message ‘Recycle me’ provides consumers with a clear and simple message, that if disposed of in the correct way, this product can have a second life.”

kp Infinity™ was launched to key customers on selected product lines in November 2019. We have taken a decision to offer a further three large meal boxes in 2020, with the full range likely to be available to all customers in 2021. Bringing our customers the latest product innovation on sustainable foodservice products forms part of our Sustainable Future programme and our work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals – for more information please contact us today or click here.


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