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Introducing new Graze Pots: the smart way to serve healthy snacks

Monday March 14, 2016

Bunzl Catering Supplies, in partnership with London Bio Packaging, has developed a new range of cold food PET containers, with lids and a topper, called ‘Graze Pots’. In response to the continuing popularity of healthy grazing throughout the day rather than formal set meals, these snack-size pots are the ideal solution for packaging and presenting smaller health-conscious portions.  Part of the Revive range of recycled and recyclable packaging, these high clarity containers contain 30% recycled PET content.

Recent research from Horizons reveals more consumers are eating out with snacking on the PET-food-pots-strawberrysincrease.  More and more people are buying meals and snacks to eat outside the home as the number of foodservice outlets in the UK continues to grow and the choice of foods broadens. As food operators offer dishes, menus and snacks designed to appeal to people at any time of day, wherever they happen to be, the temptation to consume meals out of the home has never been greater.

We have worked closely with food service operators to provide a food packaging solution that caters for healthy snacks and graze-size portions, as customers demand quick-eat food to conquer hunger urges and pump up energy levels between meals. Graze Pots are versatile containers, highly suited to the grab-and-go lifestyle of consumers who are regularly busy or away from home, the secure lid prevents contents from escaping on-the-move. Whilst for front-of-house presentation, a clever recess on the lid allows the pots to be conveniently stacked for optimum space-saving and on-the-shelf appeal.

Designed with a rounded curve base for an organic look and feel, the Graze Pots come in four sizes 175ml, 300ml, 350ml and 425ml, and in addition to a lid, a pot ‘topper’ is also available for the medium, large and extra-large containers. By inserting a topper into a pot, foodservice operators are able to effortlessly add snacking accompaniments and keep wet and dry ingredients separate.


Graze Pots

To complement the Graze Pots range, Bunzl Label 2 Go logoLabel 2 Go opaque labelsCatering Supplies has developed circular opaque PET labels from our exclusive brand Label 2 Go. Also made from PET they can be fully recycled with the pots and lids, and can be overprinted with food information using our exclusive Label 2 Go Caterlabel service.


With the arrival of spring and warmer weather foodservice operators will profit from offering healthy snacking combinations that customers can enjoy in the great outdoors and easily recycle when they are finished.

Take a look at this PDF for more information and details on how you can order stock today!