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In-vogue beverages 2018 – There’s so mushroom for this new superfood latte

Tuesday July 17, 2018

Popping-up on drinks menus around the world, colourful superfood lattes offer appealing health benefits and are gaining popularity with consumers who desire a healthy energy-boost without the caffeine.

Available in a myriad of bright and beautiful colours: green, blue, yellow, pink and even black, the bright hues might look like artificial colouring, but superfood lattes actually get their colouring from all-natural ingredients like turmeric and beetroot.

The superfood latte we tip to ascend in popularity in 2018 is the mushroom latte.  It may sound like an odd concoction but it’s already taking UK coffee shops by storm. Data collected by consumer insights website Hitwise reveals that there has been a 471 per cent year-on-year spike in searches for “mushroom coffee”, with a majority of these coming from people aged between 16 and 25 years old.

Mushroom lattes are made by mixing mushroom powder with almond or cashew milk, raw coconut sugar and maca (Peruvian herb) powder, this is then heated in a pan and blended until frothy.

Like all superfood lattes, mushroom lattes are said to have many health benefits. Mushrooms have been used in Asian countries for centuries to treat cancer, and modern day science suggests that eating (or drinking) mushrooms can make improvements to blood sugar levels, blood pressure, immunity and liver health.

According to nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed, “Ground mushrooms have a range of benefits, from anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting to memory-enhancing. They can be taken in a variety of ways, from tea to tonics, but are especially amazing in your morning coffee as they’re able to help counter effects like the awful caffeine crash or an upset stomach.”

In London, you can try a mushroom latte at the Wild Food Café, based in Covent Garden. The Wild Food Café was set up by raw-food pioneer and executive chef Joel Gazdar to serve London with quality vegan and gluten free food. Alongside the mushroom latte, they also serve other superfood lattes such as beetroot and turmeric.

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