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In-vogue beverages 2018 – The growing demand for drinks without alcohol

Friday September 14, 2018

According to the latest research from Mintel, non or low-alcoholic beverages, particularly beer, wine and spirits, are seeing dynamic growth in the UK, driven by a growing health-conscious population.

A recent survey conducted by The Guardian revealed that 39 per cent of adults are choosing to completely avoid alcohol, whilst a further 23 per cent said that they were looking to reduce their alcohol intake.

One of the main reasons consumers are reducing their alcohol intake is because of the positive impact it can have on health. The NHS website says that reducing your alcohol intake will lead to better sleep, healthier liver and kidney function, weight loss, healthier skin and eyes, and a lowered risk of cancer.

The non-alcoholic drinks industry is moving at a considerable pace, with new releases, on-trend styles and innovative serves appearing all the time. Non-drinkers have a desire to taste different flavours and are seeking more adventurous non-alcoholic choices.

One of the most popular alcohol-free spirit brands now is Seedlip, which has been so well received that it is now stocked by supermarkets Waitrose and Tesco and is even served at some of London’s top bars. Seedlip is the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit and currently has 3 different flavours available: Spice 94 (aromatic), Garden 108 (herbal) and Grove 42 (citrus).

In London, Mexican restaurant Ella Canta added a selection of non-alcoholic drinks to their menu after many of their customers asked for them. The restaurant’s non-alcoholic drinks menu includes: prehispanic lemonade (lemon, agave, syrup and chia seeds), coconut, rose and lychee water (fresh lychee and nectar, lime and coconut) and mango and lemon verbena (Mango purée, water, lemon verbena, agave nectar and lemon juice).

Non-alcoholic drinks are also seeing an increase in popularity in the street food sector. Street food market Dinerama recently opened a non-alcoholic bar at their Shoreditch (London) branch. Originally the bar was supposed to be open for only two weeks, however due to popularity it has become a permanent addition. The bar serves a variety drinks including ‘gin’ and tonic, a range of non-alcoholic craft beers, non-alcoholic cocktails and kraft sodas.

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