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Hotel Hospitality: running a profitable restaurant and bar

Tuesday November 27, 2018

The restaurant and bar area of a hotel is at the heart of its service offer, providing a social space for relaxation, eating and drinks and engaging with others, throughout the day – serving breakfast buffets, business brunches and lunches, casual and fine evening dining, as well as hosting large groups celebrating special occasions or on work dos.

But restaurant and bar facilities often face intense competition from external high street operators tempting guests off-site and into their eateries instead. This competition teamed with rising food and labour costs and a slow economy means that hotels need to think smart to stay competitive and remain profitable.

When running a hotel restaurant and bar, it’s easy for little things to slip during a busy breakfast service or on a busy night. But hotels can’t afford to make costly mistakes. By tightening restaurant efficiency and implementing some sensible strategies, hotel operators can strengthen profits, reduce waste, improve reputability, and gain higher guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Some ideas for improving the efficiency and profitability of a hotel restaurant and bar:

Set a good first impression – Have a polite host at your front of house ready to welcome guests to the restaurant and bar. Seat guests quickly and remember that guests deserve nothing but the best treatment.

Pay attention to what your guests are saying – negative feedback on online review sites can spread quickly and have a negative impact on reputation. Staying on top of what a guest thinks of a hotel restaurant and bar and proactively asking for feedback is essential. Catering to your audience’s tastes can maximize revenue and turn the average newcomer into a repeat customer.

Run an efficient operation – Pay attention to inventory and remember that a more focused menu where common ingredients are shared between menu items is much easier to manage.

Provide the proper equipment and supplies – A great menu and seamless inventory orders don’t mean much when your kitchen staff doesn’t have the right equipment and supplies for the job. Inefficient equipment or a lack of proper kitchen supplies makes it harder to cook, slowing down the process and potentially negatively affecting quality. Take time to shop around for good suppliers – as a leading supplier of catering disposables and hygiene products into the catering and hospitality sector, Bunzl Catering Supplies can help you here!

Embrace technology – More and more hotel restaurants are replacing paper reservation books with electronic reservation systems and putting tablets at the table for their guests to view menus and pay their bill. New technology can provide efficiencies that save a hotel money in the long term.

Change-up your menu seasonally – Every season offers wonderful opportunities to appeal to your guest’s taste buds with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. Hold seasonal events with special menus and create an extra special environment with seasonal décor and accessories too. Check out the Bunzl Catering Supplies festive collection 2018 – to help you create a festive feel in your hotel restaurant and bar.

Train your staff to upsell – train your staff to suggest that guests try a specific high-value item or add it onto their order. The key to upselling is to frame it as a personal suggestion. You can also boost sales by offering food and drink pairings based on common flavours or contrasts.

As a leading supplier in the UK, dedicated to making hospitality happen, it’s our mission to provide hotels with the right product and service support to make each guest visit a warm and hospitable one.

Our global resource and our hotel expertise, allows us to present the most exciting product and service solutions in the market, helping hotel operators run a smooth and profitable business. For more information – please give us a call today or view our Hotel Hospitality magazine.