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Food delivery – The new weekend MUST HAVE

Wednesday April 26, 2017

Food delivery is booming. More and more restaurants are jumping on the bandwagon (or moped!) and the choice of meal delivery websites and apps is growing, with new entrants on the market including; Supper, UberEats and Feast. Supper are a brand new entrant who are looking to offer consumers more variety. They noticed that the calibre of casual dining had rocketed in the last few years and partnered with L’Anima, Homeslice, Kurobuta, Mac & Wild and Tamarind to offer delivery, using their specially adapted Japanese delivery bikes, to London-based consumers.

In 2016 well-known meal delivery provider Deliveroo, who are currently leading the delivery market, grew by a staggering 650% and month on month sees a 25% growth, in the same year they also helped the UK restaurant industry create an estimated additional revenue of £200 million. Delivery is creating new revenue streams for restaurants and is now seen as a must.

Before the meal delivery phenomena, if a restaurant wanted to offer their menu for delivery they would need to set up an order method and hire a driver who may be sat around waiting for the next order to be placed. But new and improved delivery services open the door for operators to increase their customer reach and offer a unique delivery selling point.

Driven by internet savvy millennials, who want their meals delivered whenever and wherever they choose almost instantly, meal delivery has expanded from primarily a service for consumers at home, to delivering to individuals at their workplace too, and even corporate meal delivery – which an estimated 22 million of us use weekly. It has also become a staple to many peoples weekend routine with shows like Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway encouraging people to order a takeaway and watch the show.

Well-known national brand restaurants like Subway, Itsu and Pret A Manger have been quick to make the most of new delivery services. Both Itsu and Pret A Manger are leading options for lunch in the City of London, having both of these options now offering delivery gives office workers, who may be too busy to leave their office, the opportunity to order in.

And Michelin-starred food is also on offer as a delivery to your door too. Godo, an Italian food brand, are offering Central London-based consumers the opportunity to order an Italian meal from Tommaso Arrigoni’s restaurant and the founders, Amin Bouafsoun and Simone Sajeva, say that it will be delivered by an elegant Italian on a Vespa. You are able to order a lamb ragu or the extremely fancy Penne rigate with lobster. The food is served in branded heat proof pots to guarantee that the consumer receives the food the way it is supposed to be served. Consumers no longer need to dress up to go out to Michelin-starred restaurants, they can eat excellent food within their own home environment.

When it comes to getting the food delivered in-tact – hot (or cold) and spillage free – well designed packaging is essential. Foodservice operators should not need to limit which of their menu items they offer for delivery – soups and yoghurts are perfectly deliverable, as long as they are contained in the right packaging.

Leak proof packaging ensures that any liquid based food is secure and free from any spilling. Thermally lined packaging guarantees that food stays hot or cold by the time it reaches your consumer. The biggest complaint by takeaway consumers is that their food is lukewarm when it should be hot, or lukewarm when it should be cold. Having the correct packaging options to-hand ensures the consumer will receive their food as it is supposed to be eaten.

A new range of sustainable food containers from Sabert called FastPac are excellent for keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold, but also for keeping liquid-based food secure to avoiding any spillages. The food arrives in the packaging table-ready and if needed the consumer is able to reheat the food as it is microwavable. It offers shock resistance meaning that it will not be heavily impacted by movement, perfect for moped deliveries, and the fact it is easy to store and easy to fill makes it a great match for any restaurant offering delivery.

HandRap for hot products such as savouries, pasties and sausage rolls is a new range from RAP and it has a unique flat pack design that makes the packaging easy to store in the restaurant storage area, it also offers unbeatable ergonomic functionality for eating on the go. RAP also produce FoodBox, ideal for packaging solid foods, a customisable cardboard container with a plastic inner that provides thermal technology to keep food at the correct serving temperature.

An innovative solution from Kavis called PleatPak is designed to keep sandwiches and burgers intact. PleatPak is made from 100% recycled materials and uses unique technology and an intriguing pleated design to surround the food, leaving an air barrier around the sandwich or burger promoting superior heat retention.

When packaging food for delivery – why don’t you consider branding it? Branded packaging can make the food feel more premium, promotes recognition and differentiates you from your competitors. Branding also provides the consumer with clarity and creates trust, which may not be gained from unbranded packaging. Consumers often identify with a meal offer via the restaurant’s logo or colour-theme, branding can represents the restaurant’s promise to its consumers.

Not offering home delivery to your customers yet? You could be missing out on the chance to increase your profits. Speak to us today about our ranges of packaging designed to deliver food at its best – and don’t forget we can bespoke print your packaging to promote your brand too.


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