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Ecolab Greaselift product innovation

Wednesday June 8, 2016

Is it true you can safely degrease without wearing gloves and goggles?

Ecolab’s greaselift is a powerful and non-caustic kitchen degreasing solution.

Greaselift™ is an innovative, non-caustic and biodegradable kitchen degreasing solution that has the power of caustic degreasers, but does not require the use of protective gloves, googles or aprons.

Greaselift’s unique chemistry promotes a safer working environment by eliminating the risks associated with the use of caustic degreasers. The product foams, which provides vertical cling when cleaning areas such as vent hoods, grills or ovens. Greaselift does not produce flashback or noxious odours when sprayed and is safe to use on aluminium surfaces.

“The results are great and it significantly reduced my staff costs as we no longer have to spend time scrubbing as the grease just wipes off. Most companies say that other product will do the same job but with Greaselift you won’t find another like it. It does the work so you don’t have to.” Adrian Brennan, Head Chef, Pit Bros BBQ, Dublin

“Greaselift is great on the oven and is safe for me and the staff to use as it isn’t corrosive.” Trevor Baker, Head Chef, George Inn, Longbridge Deverill

“It is a great benefit now that we do not need to wear all the PPE when cleaning the ovens. Less downtime of the machine, the lack of smell from the product are the other positives from this product.” John Dawes Carruthers, Southern Regional College

Ecolab’s non-caustic Greaselift is available in a ready-to-use formula and as a concentrate. This concentrated dispensing method is designed to minimise product packaging; reducing plastic waste by 97 percent compared to other degreasing methods available in Europe.