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Hot n Crispy bags
Don’t compromise on food quality with Hot ‘n’ Crispy bags

Tuesday October 6, 2015

Hot ‘n’ Crispy bags, from our partner supplier Smith Anderson, use revolutionary technology to ensure that hot food is packaged and presented to the customer in the best possible way. Now widely used in markets from quick service restaurants to forecourt convenience stores and bakeries.
Hot n Crispy Bags

The bag retains the core temperature of hot and warm products for 10-15 minutes whilst retaining the crispiness of the crust. The grease resistant design allows Hot ‘n’ Crispy bags to be used for even the greasiest foods like pizza, chips, pies and kebabs.

The bags have a double wall construction and due to the perforated twin layer some moisture will evaporate, stopping the food from going soggy and retaining the heat.

These bags are ideal for hot sandwiches, paninis or baguettes and come in either white or brown grease-proof papers, which can also be printed to reflect your branding.