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Diversey launch the new TASKI AERO vacuum cleaner range

Monday November 20, 2017

From the 1st of September 2017 vacuum cleaners sold in Europe are required to be more cost- and energy-efficient. The European Commission is making use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that European consumers have the most energy efficient products available. The updated eco-design requirements will lower appliances’ maximum power, annual energy consumption and noise levels.

In the professional hospitality environment, clean, dirt free and fresh smelling carpets and flooring are essential. For front of house areas that have a high foot fall, regular vacuuming with an efficient and low-noise vacuum cleaner is required to achieve optimum cleanliness, with minimum inconvenience to guests.

For a professional hospitality environment, how can you tell if a vacuum is both energy efficient and what its maximum noise level is?

New vacuum cleaners carry a label allowing you to select the best performing one according to your needs. Purchasing more efficient appliances means less time and money spent on vacuum cleaning combined with higher performances. In addition, Ecolabel requirements make sure that vacuum cleaners that use a lot of energy, pick up dust poorly, allow too much dust to come out of the exhaust are no longer sold.

The Ecolabel on vacuum cleaners shows its energy efficiency on a scale from A+++ (most efficient) to G (least efficient), as well as the following information:

  1. The company that made or placed the vacuum cleaner on the market
  2. The model of the vacuum cleaner
  3. How energy efficient the vacuum cleaner is
  4. How much energy the vacuum cleaner uses per year
  5. How efficient the vacuum cleaner is when it comes to preventing dust from being re-emitted into the air
  6. How effective the vacuum cleaner is at cleaning carpets
  7. How effective the vacuum cleaner is at cleaning hard floors
  8. The vacuum cleaner’s maximum noise level

The new TASKI AERO, a range of vacuum cleaners launched by our partner supplier Diversey, has been made to fit these requirements, making it one of the most efficient vacuum cleaners in the professional market today with unrivalled benefits.

At nearly half the original EU Directive maximum size of motor, 30decibals quieter than the new directive sound level and over twice the minimum motor life, Diversey claim that the TASKI AERO Is one of the most energy efficient and quietest vacuum on sale today.

Features of the TASKI AERO include:

Patented Whisper Motor

Through an innovative and patented cushioning technology the TASKI AERO is almost silent with 53db(A). This low emission level allows users to work in every environment 24 hours day. With the eco mode button the emissions can be reduced further to 50db(A).

Eco Mode Button

The Eco mode button reduces the motor power by 50 per cent, with one push. This allows energy to be saved and the noise emissions are reduced to 50db(A). Especially in front of house hospitality environments, the eco button allows housekeepers or cleaners to do the task at any time.

Integrated Cable Wind with Kettle Plug

The integrated cable rewind option allows fast and quick storage of the 12.5 m cable. This saves time and simplifies cable handling significantly.

The TASKI AERO is designed for frequent professional cleaning in professional environments. Every aspect of the product is based on an extensive customer and process evaluation with the aim of delivering the highest cleaning quality and best operating efficiency. In terms of ergonomic design, TASKI AERO is unmatched, with a foot pedal switch and a high-quality accessory set as standard.

The new TASKI AERO range consists of four streamlined and agile models (8, 15, 8 plus, 15 plus) which satisfy the rigorous requirements of frequent professional cleaning at any time, in the foodservice and hospitality environment.

For more information on the new TASKI AERO – please contact your local Bunzl Catering Supplies branch.