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Discover new controlled-centrefeed wiping innovation – portable, hygienic and efficient

Wednesday November 27, 2019

Sourcing more sustainable consumables is extremely important to many businesses, that’s why Kimberly-Clark Professional™ has launched the WypAll® Reach™ Centrefeed System.

Providing a hygienic, portable wiping solution, with a dispenser that looks attractive for front-of-house use, for wiping tables and in open kitchens. The WypAll® Reach™ Centrefeed System saves money by reducing consumption and avoiding waste associated with large quantities of undispensed loose centrefeed blue rolls.

The WypAll® Reach™ Centrefeed System has been designed to deliver an easy to use, portable, hygienic wiping, for mopping up spills in food service areas. The sleek, smoked-grey dispenser has been designed to complement front-of-house areas and maintain a high image impression within any restaurant environment. The dispenser is supplied with a wall bracket to both house the dispenser or transform it into a wall mounted system. By using a controlled, single-sheet dispensing system, less paper is used and the WypAll® Reach™ Centrefeed System reduces paper consumption and cuts paper waste by over 20%.

The WypAll® Reach™ Centrefeed System also improves hygiene and reduces contamination when compared to traditional loose centrefeed blue rolls, where multiple users can handle a roll up to 70 times before it is finished. The system is designed to help prevent transmission of food-borne bacteria caused by handling of exposed blue rolls during food preparation. Specifically, the fully enclosed system protects the roll at all times and helps to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Protection of the roll also contributes to waste avoidance from spoiled exposed rolls.

While the WypAll® Reach™ Centrefeed System has been designed for the food service industry, it has applications in many other sectors including healthcare, FM, retail and contract cleaning, where hygiene, efficiency and portability are critical needs.