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DayMark Dishwasher Safety
DayMark Dishwasher Temperature Safety

Monday October 12, 2015

Following new proposed safety legislations, our partner supplier DayMark have created new dishwasher labels to provide operators with a permanent record of the achieved temperatures.

The temperature indicator on the DayMark labels changes from white to black when the required temperature has been reached, and unlike other labels this change is permanent. The surrounding area on the labels is bright red to provide a high colour contrast when the indicator changes.

As an upgrade from dishwasher strips that need to be tied to a tray or component, the DayMark labels can be applied like a normal sticker to any metal item to go through the dishwasher. The labels are waterproof and can withstand the extreme conditions of commercial dishwashing equipment. Once the label has been sent through a regular wash cycle, it is able to be peeled off and retained as a permanent record of the temperature achieved.

The proposed new European legislation creates an industry ‘best practice’ which requires dishwasher operators to prove that their machines are reaching the desired “kill temperature”, to prevent the spreading of bacteria.

By using DayMark dishwasher labels, operators can feel secure that they have HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) compliant evidence of proper cleaning and sanitation.


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