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Cif Brass & Copper cleans & shines in one step

Wednesday November 9, 2016

With its handsome classic looks copper pans are the king of professional kitchens. As an excellent conductor of heat, copper responds very quickly to changes in temperature, giving chefs greater control.

Cookware made from copper is much less prone to hot spots in the metal, which means dishes are more likely to be cooked evenly – essential for professional chefs.

Copper cookware is also beneficial in busy kitchens as they tend to be bottom heavy, keeping pots and pans on the stove and less likely to be knocked off, whilst still being light enough to lift.

As an incredibly visually appealing metal, copper and also brass are often used for open kitchens and as furnishings throughout many establishments.

With all the fantastic benefits of copper, unfortunately tarnishing is a common problem. When copper is not properly maintained heat conductivity can suffer. This can be easily prevented by regularly using a specialised cleaner for your copper and brass.

Cif Brass & Copper is a long lasting, tarnish inhibiting polish that gives a longer lasting shine, and helps protect and preserve the natural beauty of brass and copper.

New to the Cif product range, this professional formulation removes tarnish, dust, fingerprints and stains and is available in 500ml packaging, offering an easy to use, easy to store addition to any cleaning cupboard.