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Bunzl Catering Supplies launches new Food Safety and Hygiene brochure

Friday May 12, 2023

Joining its full suite of digital brochures for food packaging and hygiene supplies, Bunzl Catering Supplies launches its fully updated 14-page Food Safety and Hygiene brochure this week. Accessed via the homepage of the Bunzl Catering Supplies’ Innovate website, the digital brochure features a comprehensive range of market-leading food safety labelling products, food handling wear and first aid supplies.

Helping foodservice operators comply with current legislation on food safety, including Natasha’s Law, the Food Safety and Hygiene brochure showcases a core range of labelling products that protect the safety of employees and customers in a hospitality environment, including a back-of-house allergen label and the Gen-Label Online software solution.

Natasha’s Law is there to protect people with food allergies who rely on the transparency of ingredients and food labelling for pre-packed foods and it must have full compliance or lives will continually be put at risk.  The Gen-Label Online software solution is helping businesses apply full ingredient and allergen labelling on foods which are pre-packed for direct sale. The specialist software allows customers to build and maintain lists of ingredients including specific allergens and then simply print them off on to pre-formatted blank labels using a standard PC and laser-jet printer.

Also in the Food Safety and Hygiene brochure, is a range of ‘day of the week’ labels and shelf life labels, helping operators to manage stored food correctly, preventing out of date produce being used, or contaminating other food items. A full suite of food handling wear includes chef hats, hair nets, aprons and gloves.  The correct use of food handling wear provides optimum food hygiene and reduces the risk of spreading bacteria in food preparation areas.

It is a legal requirement for foodservice operators to have adequate first aid equipment on site at all times, so the Food Safety and Hygiene brochure features first aid kits designed for food preparation areas, and come in three sizes: up to 10 people, up to 20 people or up to 50 people. The all-blue contents are based on 1997 ACOP and come in a durable polypropylene box with integrated carry handle.

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