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Bunzl Catering Supplies launch innovation in food packaging and hygiene solutions.

Thursday November 26, 2020

In an Autumn/Winter 2020 collection of material and design innovation, Bunzl Catering Supplies is showcasing products that solve problems in context with legislative change on environmental issues and the Covid-19 crisis.

Recently, environmental legislation and growing public concern over plastic waste has created a focus on innovation in product design, supply chain management and end-of-life solutions in single-use food packaging. As part of its Sustainable Future programme, Bunzl Catering Supplies is proactively bringing sustainable food packaging options to market.

The best of this innovation is now showcased in a 20-page e-brochure launched under the Bunzl Catering Supplies’ Innovate brand. The collection starts with a Future Smart™ Fibre Lid from partner supplier Huhtamaki. Manufactured from renewable plant-based materials, the lids are made with natural fibres from a mixture of 70% bagasse and 30% wood fibres, Future Smart Fibre Lids are accepted by existing UK cup recycling schemes.

Also in the 2020 collection is a range of straws made from bamboo paper, from The Cheeky Panda. As the Environmental Protection Regulations have restricted the use of plastic straws in England this year, bamboo paper straws provide an innovative alternative to plastic straws from a naturally sustainable source.

A good example of material innovation, Expanded Polypropylene EPP is a fully recyclable mono-material developed as an innovative alternative to Expanded Polystyrene EPS (a material that will likely be banned in Europe by the EU Single Use Plastics Directive in 2021). Made from EPP, the Infinity range from partner supplier Klöckner Pentaplast (kp), has proven to be easily and commercially recyclable through several trials.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, innovation in single-use food packaging has helped operators mobilise delivery and take-out options, whilst robust on-site hygiene programmes continue to be critical for customer confidence. As market leader, Bunzl Catering Supplies ensures catering operators are equipped with the products they need to reduce risk and to operate safely and sustainably.

One such product is the Cleanline Room Sanitiser Fogger, an alcohol-based solution, total-release aerosol fogger specially formulated with antibacterial and antiviral active substances. The Bunzl exclusive brand Cleanline Room Sanitiser Fogger offers total peace of mind during Covid-19, disinfecting an area up to 100 cubic meters in a matter of minutes.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, hospitality operators are making important changes on site to minimise shared touch points. Bunzl Catering Supplies has bought to market an attractive paper cutlery bag from supplier Westpak, to protect reusable cutlery from hand contamination before use, giving customers increased confidence that the cutlery is completely clean and safe.

Innovation creates value for catering operators by applying new solutions to meaningful problems. Bunzl Catering Supplies believes that Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of the catering and hospitality industry. The Innovate brochure collates the very best material and design innovation from 2020, to help catering operators overcome current challenges, add value to their brand and continue to operate safely and sustainably.

To view the brochure please click here.