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Blue Cap Coffee launches new Coffee Sticks

Thursday September 17, 2015

Blue Cap Coffee have recently launched three new instant coffee sticks – produced and packaged specifically for the food services industry.

Available in cases of 8 x 100 cartons; the sticks are a generous 1.8g of freeze dried coffee, which deliver consistently great coffee.

The Caffe Crema is a pure Arabica freeze dried coffee and delivers a classically good taste whilst the Caffe Crema Microground Instant contains 10% roasted and ground Arabica beans to produce a delicious, barista style coffee. Finally, the collection includes a  decaffeinated freeze dried coffee with superb crema and a rich, satisfying taste.

The sticks provide a really welcome addition to any hotel or catering organisation’s coffee offering; delivering a well packaged,  great tasting coffee stick.