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BLOKit Anti-Drug Deterrent Spray

Friday February 7, 2020

We have launched the world’s first anti-drug surface spray specifically designed to deter recreational drug users who use public surfaces to cut and snort powdered drugs. BLOKit contains a unique non-toxic polymer which traps powdered drugs and sticks them to the surface to prevent snorting. A powerful bittering agent also deters swallowing, leaving a deeply unpalatable taste in the mouth for many hours after consumption.

  • Reduces recreational drug use
  • Powerful bittering agent
  • 360-degree spray bottle
  • Coating lasts up to 24 hours
  • Safe to touch and non-toxic
  • Does not stain surfaces or clothing

The world’s first spray of its kind, BLOKit has been specifically designed to reduce the use of drugs in commercial catering and hospitality and public recreational environments.

When promoted as in-use on the premises it can reduce the risk of drug use – potentially reducing cocaine use by as much as 90%. This could result in being viewed as a lower risk on security assessments and aid licensing applications for pubs, clubs and music festivals.

BLOKit provides catering operators with peace of mind and makes drug users think twice before using areas where this product is in use.

How It Works

BLOKit contains a unique polymer resin structure which traps and encapsulates powdered drugs. It swells the powder and sticks it to the surface. This renders the drug unpalatable for taste and swallowing. Should the user try to scrape off and swallow the drug it is unpalatable and leave a disgusting taste in the mouth, which lasts for hours.

Where to use BLOKit

BLOKit can be used in all commercial and public areas where drug use is suspected to be taking place, typically enclosed areas, such as:

  • Toilets and washrooms
  • Baby changing areas
  • Office or janitorial areas
  • Flat surfaces in secluded corners

How to use the product

BLOKit comes in a unique 360-degree spray bottle, which can navigate hard to reach places. Apply BLOKit via the easy to use, branded trigger bottle, spraying 30cm away from the required surface.

Do not wipe off – it leaves an invisible semi tacky coating on the surface with lasts up to 24 hours before it needs to be reapplied. BLOKit is easy to use, safe to touch and the non-toxic polymer does not stain materials or clothes.

For more information about the new BLOKit anti-drug deterrent spray – please contact us today or click here.