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Social distancing floor stickers help operators reopen safely.

Friday July 10, 2020

As part of its plan to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the UK Government recommends social distancing; the guidelines advise people maintain a 2 metre gap from one another. Bunzl Catering Supplies is helping operators to protect its customers and employees by following this advice with the provision of simple, yet effective social distancing floor stickers. The bold and durable, red and yellow floor stickers are 30cm in diameter, weather resistant and have an anti slip varnish. The adhesive is fully removable after use.

Speaking in the Commons, Johnson said the lockdown easing could continue “given the significant fall in the prevalence of the virus”. Recognising that the current two-metre social distancing guidelines prevent all but a fraction of hospitality businesses from reopening, he said that where it is possible to keep two metres apart people should, but where it is not, ‘one-metre-plus’ should be observed, as well as mitigations to reduce likelihood of transmission, such as face coverings, screens between tables, improving ventilation and hand sanitiser.

The catering and hospitality sector faces some of the biggest challenges in maintaining social distancing, hygiene and building customer confidence as the industry comes back into operation. This puts extra pressure on catering and hospitality customers to reassure consumers and their employees and get it right as they reopen. While most of the country saw a relatively uneventful evening on 4 July (widely dubbed “Super Saturday”), images from Soho in central London showed people packed into streets outside bars, with some apparently failing to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Bunzl Catering Supplies is offering its customers in the catering and hospitality industry the best opportunity to find the products they require, helping them to sustain their businesses and navigate their way through this extraordinarily challenging time.

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