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The Cheeky Panda bamboo paper straws

Wednesday September 7, 2022

The Cheeky Panda bamboo paper straws provide an alternative to plastic straws from a naturally sustainable source. Strong and durable, bamboo paper straws retain their shape and stay stronger for longer in liquid.

In line with the EU SUP Directive and the UK Government Waste and Resource Strategy, The Environmental Protection (Plastic Straws, Cotton Buds and Stirrers) (England) Regulations 2020 have severely restricted the use of single use plastic straws and banned the use of single use plastic stirrers.

The regulations place a restriction on single use plastic straws, including those made from PLA, with exemptions for use in a medical capacity. Schools, childcare providers, healthcare settings and prisons may continue to buy plastic straws, as well as sites where there is a clear medical requirement.

A restriction on straws also came into force in Scotland on 1 June 2022, following a six month grace period, during which Zero Waste Scotland ran a business campaign to raise awareness on how to prepare. The legislation, which was passed by the Scottish Parliament during COP26 last year, includes exemptions for single-use plastic straws, to make sure that those who need them for independent living or medical purposes can still access them.

A suitable and practical alternative to plastic straws in England and Scotland, The Cheeky Panda bamboo paper straws are made from sustainable bamboo and are FSC certified. BRC grade A certified, these straws are vegan certified by The Vegan Society.  Available in a variety of colours, both plain and striped, and also available in a sip straw format.

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