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Tailored to our market sectors

Tailored customer solutions

We create tailored customer solutions to meet the needs and challenges of customers in our key market sectors. For our national customers, we provide a management and support team dedicated to your market sector, with the knowledge and experience to overcome market-specific challenges and to create service solutions that meet your exact needs.


The hotel market has changed and is continuing to change fast, with the growth of franchisees and brands transferring ownership into operators. We understand that decisions are now taking place with the hotel brands, management companies, purchasing consortia and even outsourced cleaning companies.

Whilst our product range may be a relatively small proportion of the total hotel spend, categories such as guest amenities are the classic representation of your brand to the hotel guest, whilst the risk of non-availability of other critical lines jeopardise the smooth operation of any hotel.

In 2019, we have launched a dedicated 52-page Hotel Hospitality brochure providing a broad but simple range of Housekeeper’s essentials, which are easy to find, select and order, allowing hotel operators to spend more time meeting the needs of their guests, rather than worrying about topping-up their non-food consumables order. View Here.

Contract Catering

With our extensive experience of dealing with high street foodservice operators, we are ideally placed to offer guidance and insight to market trends on disposables and food packaging for the food to go sector, which is increasingly the greatest competitive threat for the contract caterer, especially within in the Business and Industry sector. Our market leading position on sustainability in this market ensures our customers can offer multiple solutions to meet the sustainability demands and needs of their clients whilst accommodating their waste stream capabilities.


Despite the current challenges within the casual dining sector, the growth in home delivery and development of dark kitchens continues to fuel the demand for quality food packaged in a manner that is easily transportable and commands a premium price compared with the traditional takeaway sector. We have successfully worked with major high street brands to create bespoke packaging uniquely designed for their home delivered solution.


Catering for staff and students in the higher and further education sector is no longer about serving food in a refectory, rather creating a quality branded offer to compete with the high street. Our specialism in branding and managing our customers custom print solutions continues to set us apart. We help our customers drive increased revenue and brand loyalty, whilst addressing the demanding expectations of students to purchase food in sustainably responsible packaging


We have been working with the NHS to control costs and generate revenue using catering disposables and food labelling systems since 1965. Our product range is available either through NHS supply chain or a direct relationship between the trust and ourselves. Catering managers have harnessed our expertise in product and knowledge on sustainability, to allow them to spend more time focusing on developing and improving the standards of catering in healthcare.