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Professional cleaning

Why choose Cleanline?

  • Trusted, comprehensive range that tackles routine and periodic cleaning tasks, developed for use in demanding professional environments.
  • A wide range of products that are independently tested and proven to be effective against a range of micro-organisms, including bacteria and viruses, for optimum hygiene in the wake of Covid-19.
  • Core products manufactured in the UK, operating to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Many products made from recyclable plastic and recyclable.
  • Clear colour-coded labelling across dosing dispensers, cleaning products and trigger spray bottles to improve product identification in busy professional environments.
  • Easy product naming conventions and comprehensive on-pack information on method, dilution and waste packaging disposal, all compliant to latest UK CLP regulations.
  • Field support provided by a team of specialists providing customer consultation and after sales care, with a train the trainer approach.
  • 24-hour emergency response service from Carechem 24 operated by the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC).
  • Digital support platform providing access to COSHH awareness training and a range of product resources, including compliant safety data sheets, product guides and technical information.
  • Full suite of product assets, including technical information sheets, risk assessments, product how-to-use guides and safety data sheets.

Cleanline professional formats

Cleanline concentrates

Concentrated cleaning products in the Cleanline range can be diluted through wall-mounted dosing and dispensing equipment to improve cost-in-use, minimise spillages and eliminate the risk of overdosing. Used properly, dosing systems will ensure an accurate mix every time, reducing risk, eliminating waste and ensuring optimum cleaning performance.

Concentrated products contain more chemical and less water. This means that concentrated products require less storage, take up less space when in transit and are ordered less frequently when compared to ready-to-use cleaning products – potentially reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality by reducing transportation.

Cleanline ready-to-use

Ready-to-use cleaning products in the Cleanline range are designed to be used out of the box and require no preparation or additional dosing equipment. They are a practical, effective and convenient option supplied in easy to apply trigger spray bottles or squeezy bottles. Many Cleanline trigger spray bottles are made from recycled plastic, which is shown on the bottle label along with responsible waste packaging disposal information. Ready-to-use products are often used for infrequent tasks as a problem solver, or in smaller operations where space is limited or there is no access to a water supply. Mixed at point of manufacture, ready-to-use products contain the right strength formulation for the task they are designed for, ensuring the product performance and efficacy is consistent and reducing the risk of waste.

Ultimate control with Cleanline dosing systems

Concentrated cleaning products in the Cleanline range are designed to be diluted through dosing systems which are typically wall mounted and can be connected to mains water for ultimate accuracy, control and measurable cost-in-use.

The Cleanline ECOSHOT dosing systems is a manual pump  designed for quick and simple wall-mounted installations. Requiring no mains water connections perfect for environments with fluctuation water pressure.

  • Accurate single dose measure of product into a bucket or trigger bottle.
  • Delay function to prevent overdosing.
  • Clearly labelled with colour coding for use with specific Cleanline products.
  • Ideal for high use products such as general-purpose detergents and sanitiser.
  • Low maintenance and durable design ideal for use in busy environments to help reduce cost-in-use and wastage.

The Cleanline ECOMIX dilution system delivers the ultimate control allowing for up to 6 products to be dispensed from one platform.  The dilution control system requires installation by an engineering team and requires access to mains water. Once fitted, the Cleanline team will provide training and support materials on site, as well as ongoing equipment servicing and maintenance.

  • Ultimate control and measurable cost in use.
  • Delivers pre-determined ratio of chemical into a bucket or labelled bottle.
  • Offers a reliable way of diluting multiple cleaning products from one dispenser.
  • Compact design connected to mains water fits even the smallest environment.
  • Colour coded dispenser labelling to match to Cleanline products for easy product identification.
  • Minimises user exposure to chemical concentrates reducing risk.
  • Accurate dosing ensures product compliance and performance.

COSHH e-learning website

Updated and re-launched in January 2018, the Cleanline COSHH e-learning website and product resource tool is a free e-learning platform for customers using Cleanline (exclusive brand cleaning products) for their daily cleaning tasks. It delivers up-to-date COSHH awareness training to individual users in less than fifteen minutes via a series of short videos and multiple-choice questions.

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What is COSHH?

COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. COSHH is a legal objective and requirement from businesses to protect people against risks to their health from substances hazardous to health arising from a work activity. It is there to enforce and raise safety standards in the workplace and reduce the frequency and severity of accidents involving chemicals and other hazardous substances.