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SCOTT® MAX Rolled Hand Towel

Monday June 15, 2015

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* have recently launched their latest in a range of high efficiency, cost saving rolled hand towel systems. The new SCOTT® MAX Rolled Hand Towel and AQUARIUS* Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser are available now and together offer high efficiency, low cost hand drying for both high usage washroom and food preparation areas.

One of the main reasons users complain about washrooms, alongside bad odours and overall unclean appearance, is when the consumables have run out. The new SCOTT® MAX Rolled Hand Towel system now offers 1400, 25cm towels per dispenser fill, more than any other manual rolled hand towel system on the market** .This not only reduces the chances of the towels running out, but also means that the dispensers do not need to be refilled as frequently as other lower capacity systems, saving time for cleaning staff. The AQUARIUS* dispenser is also up to twice as easy to use as other systems available in the market**.

Available in blue towels as well as white, the new SCOTT® MAX Rolled Towel System offers the same high capacity benefits for food preparation areas where blue towels are stipulated.

The design of the towels incorporates KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL’s* unique AIRFLEX* Technology which, due to its ability to be highly compressed on the roll without impacting performance, reduces both storage requirements and increases transportation efficiency.

The GIO Design award winning AQUARIUS* dispensing system combines aesthetics, functionality and hygienic design. The sleek AQUARIUS* design is characterised by one wipe clean, no dirt traps and faster cleaning times.

**Results of Hall Test research conducted by Redshift Research Agency in 2014, Tonbridge, Kent.