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SCA launches new Tork dispenser line for premium washrooms

Thursday June 16, 2016

Using dispensers in public washrooms brings many practical and hygienic advantages.

But for many image-conscious establishments, dispensers have often been neglected due to high requirements on design. From that insight, SCA now launches Tork Image Design Line – a new complete dispenser line in stainless steel designed for premium washrooms.

Service staff and end-users have high requirements on the functionality of dispensers used in washrooms. Hygiene is essential and maintenance and refills should be easy to handle. Image-conscious establishments also have high demands on design to create a great experience for their guests. Dispensers are often not considered for premium washrooms, but with the combination of both form and function in the new Tork Image Design Line there is no need to compromise.

Tork Image Design Line is built on insights from customers and architects and was created in a timeless stainless streel design that suits a variety of washroom environments.

Tork has created a virtual washroom showroom where it is possible to experience and explore how the new dispenser line harmonizes with its environment. Tork Image Design Line accentuates the surrounding washroom through the following design elements:

  • Timeless design. The artistic expression and selection of refined materials such as stainless steel and high finish plastic make Tork image Design Line last for a long time.
  • Horizontally brushed stainless steel. The stainless steel is brushed horizontally, with a carefully selected degree and distance between the strokes. This provides a perfect balance between blending in and rendering the surroundings in a warm and natural way.
  • Black contrasts create edge. The timeless stainless steel in the Image Design Line are contrasted and further emphasized by black details, bringing edge and dynamic to the design.
  • A slim and floating impression. Working with a distance between the dispensers and the wall makes the products look slimmer. It also creates a beautiful drop shadow, making it look like the dispenser hovers over the wall.

Besides form and its design elements, Tork Image Design Line is developed with several features to bring state of the art functionality to both users and service staff – including the following functional benefits:

  • Integrated sensors form smart maintenance. Tork Image Design Line is now available with the unique Tork EasyCube™ system. With integrated sensors in each dispenser and bin, real time data on maintenance and refills needs is provided via desktop, tablets and smartphones. This allows cleaners to shift from fixed cleaning routes to cleaning when needed – ensuring that guests always experience the washroom at its best.
  • Touch free dispensing. For environments where hygiene is extra important, the Image Design Line dispensers are available with touch-free dispensing systems.
  • A one-at-a-time dispensing system reduces towel consumption, meaning less time and effort for the staff and a positive effect on the environment.
  • Easy to maintain and refill. The dispensers are designed to be easy to keep clean and refill – saving time and effort for the cleaning staff.
  • No fingerprints and stains. The stainless steel is treated with an invisible surface to prevent fingerprints and stains.