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Press & Dress and Summer recipes

Friday June 26, 2015

Summer can be a thriving period for the food service industry and many menus will make the smart move of removing hearty soups to make room for crisp salads and other cold food offerings.

Fresh food and visually appealing recipes are a perfect match for Dart Products Europe’s innovative range of Ultra Clear plus press&dress – and although the English weather may not always be reliable these press&dress recipes are sure to be.

Superfood for the super healthy

Incorporating the sought after trend of superfoods onto your menu achieves more than just taste, in one simple recipe; a mixed salad of kale and spinach, accompanied with a roasted vegetable and sweet potato quinoa is packed full of nutritional value and the press&dress feature allows for a balsamic vinaigrette dressing to be stored separately – a sharp yet favourite flavour amongst foodies.

When the summer heat isn’t enough

Grilled chicken marinated in a Harissa paste of olive oil, coriander, caraway seeds, chilli and cumin, is a flavourful way to satisfy the appetites of our chicken loving nation. A bed of peppery rocket and spring onion gives the dish an extra kick; and for the not so daring, add a yoghurt and mint dressing to the press&dress lid to give the freedom of choice.

Not just for the barbeque

Given that barbeques set the theme for most Briton’s summer, a helping of steak is much appropriate. A heaped salad of mixed leaves, sundried and cherry tomatoes makes the base of this dish; whilst good quality sliced steak – recommended medium rare – adds a touch of luxury. Local caramelised onion chutney for optional dressing makes this a winner.

Sweet and sticky

Just as flavour is the key factor of every deciding customer, flavour is the backbone in this Japanese inspired dish. Teriyaki dressed tuna steak with chilled soba noodles and sliced mango is filling and energy packed, and giving the choice for either a sliced chilli or sesame seed topping is exactly what the Ultra Clear plus press&dress was made for.

These flavour packed dishes paired with the clarity and strength of Dart’s PET Ultra Clear plus press&dress is everything you need for successful business this summer.

Available in sizes 5- 20oz, Dart Products Europe’s press&dress range is perfect for operators seeking quality foodservice packaging that allows for the separation of wet and dry ingredients.