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Jar cuisine on-the-go

Monday March 27, 2017

Humble jam jars – with their delightfully old-school-chic, bohemian appeal, are increasingly being used in hotels, restaurants and bars to serve food and drink. From breakfast oats to layered salads, cocktails and milkshakes – jar cuisine is massively on-trend.

In the past, the image of preserving food in jars had a utilitarian, make-do-and-mend vibe, food eaten from jars is comforting because it evokes a feeling of the home-made – of traditional comfort food. The new approach with jars is to hone in on this eco-chic feel – whilst offering fantastic flavours and great style.

Pickle-Jar-Coq-dArgentJars are being used in all shapes and sizes – from Ball Mason jars to Bonne Maman jars – chefs and foodies alike are experimenting with new ways of using them. Jars are a perfect container for showcasing food with layers of fresh, vibrant ingredients – with its clear, 360 degree view of the contents.

Particularly used in trendy cocktail bars, but increasingly used across casual dining chains and independent cafes, jars provide a fantastically photogenic way of presenting food and drinks.


Le bon rougeNew cocktail by Café Rouge, Le Bon Rouge – Beefeater gin, French Chambord and Bonne Maman raspberry jam, all shaken together and served in a jam jar.

SoCo jam

Using real glass jam jars is not a cheap option for foodservice operators, especially for on-the-go customers who will take the jars off the premises, so serving food and drinks in a jar hasn’t always been a feasible option. However, at Bunzl Catering Supplies we have two great jar-style packaging options, made from recyclable plastic, that give your customer the feel of a real jar, but without the cost.

Supplier Anson Packaging has developed a new range of clear plastic containers and lids called Jarr.  Based on the traditional design of a classic jam jar – they’re allowing food operators to bring new trend ‘jar cuisine’ to the food on-to-go environment.

JARR Range Anson

Anson Jarr Range

The new Jarr food containers and lids, developed by Anson Packaging, are available from Bunzl Catering Supplies. Made from recyclable high clarity PET, they come in four sizes – 440cc, 350cc, 300cc and 120cc. The Jarr lids can be bespoke printed to add extra customisation and showcase branding.


Mason Jar salads

Neville and More Stacked Salad Jars

Also following the jar trend, supplier Neville and More offer a range of Ball Mason style Salad Jars, ideal for stacked salads on-the-go. The round Salad Jars are made from rPET which is fully recyclable, and they are available in a 500ml size, ideal for single portion salads.

jamtiniDon’t forget that with any food-to-go offer, whether packaged on or off site, labelling is critical – it must meet the Food Information Regulations (FIR) – with allergens bolded in the ingredients lists – and increasingly customers are looking for indicators of fat, sugar and salt content. As part of our Label 2 Go exclusive brand, we offer a range of off-the-shelf label designs that fit the new Jarr containers – including a keyhole label that can act as a tamper evident seal. Our cloud-based solution Caterlabel – allows you to easily overprint the label with all the important food information legislation requires and customers demand.

To food operators looking to re-present food on-the-go dishes – or to invent new ones – stack your exciting ingredient combinations into a new Jarr container or Salad Jar and impress your customers with on-trend presentation and a feeling of home.