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Handle-it! Carry multiple drinks hands-free

Friday July 3, 2015

Originally when Handle-it was designed the aim was to develop a solution to carrying single or multiple drinks whilst still having hands free to deal with other day-to-day items such as train tickets, ID passes, handbags or car keys.

Whilst this was the initial goal (for which it works perfectly!), it quickly became apparent that the patented design has so many other obvious and not so obvious benefits over its competitors.

Firstly let’s think about material use – as the design is created from a single strip of cardboard the material wastage is minimal, add to this an ingenious manufacturing process and you get a very efficiently made product.

Then, let’s look at size.  Handle-it folds flat, making it extremely efficient in terms or storage and transportation.  To put this in perspective if you had one cubic metre of storage space you could store enough pulp trays to carry 13,320 cups or enough Handle-it to carry 66,660…quite a difference!

Add to all that the fact that it is bio-degradable, recyclable and easy to use it makes it a perfect choice that will make life just that little bit easier for customers to carry their drinks, and who knows the easier it is the more they are likely to buy…