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FIFO Bottles – First In, First Out for quick service

Thursday April 28, 2016

Menu customisation is popular with Millennials who expect to be able to pick and choose their meal items with ease. Sauces are an ideal way to differentiate your menu items and allow your customers to make custom decisions without adding too much additional cost to your operation.

Sauces and dressings can easily be used as a marinade, topping or ingredient to dishes, giving signature flavours that will bring customers back again and again.

FIFO BottleThe FIFO “First In, First Out” Bottle™ has just been launched by our supplier NCCO International. A favourite for quick service sandwich chains, FIFO bottles provide a mess-free and organised way to quickly dispense sauces and condiments. The fill from the top, dispense from the bottom design makes it easy for foodservice operators rotate refills without the need for waste.

It’s as easy as Lift, Squeeze, Drop. Sauce is always ready to dispense from the bottle nozzle, no shaking required, simply Lift the bottle, Squeeze out the sauce and Drop on the counter with the nozzle still pointing down. No mess, no drips, sauce only goes where you want it.

FIFO Bottles with OrganiserWith the FIFO bottle on your counter, you save time in service, you can refill without needing to remove the old sauce as this will always be used up first.
All sauces can be cleanly dispensed, from fine French dressings to chunky chilli sauce, the fine, medium and wide valves will handle them all. Even coffee bars can use the FIFO bottle for quick and easy dispensing of syrups and flavours.
FIFO Labels

Available in 5 sizes, from 12oz for small volume sauces, through 16oz, 20oz, 24oz and 32oz for large volume, high flow requirements of the busiest restaurants. You never need to have too much or too little sauce available for service.

Why not add a sauce label to the top of the bottle for even easier quick service. Great for organising the kitchen or service counter.