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Chicopee Purple Coffee Towel
Chicopee introduces the Coffee Towel

Monday February 1, 2016

With 1.7 billion cups of coffee sold per year in 18,000 outlets across the UK alone, it is safe to say the coffee scene is exploding. However, with this growth has come a number of challenges, including the maintenance of the coffee machine – a vital piece of equipment for any good coffee shop.

Currently the majority of coffee shops use only one cloth to clean the wand of their professional coffee machine, irrespective of the milk type. This may sometimes be rinsed in between wipes; however, on most occasions it is not. With the number of people asking for dairy free soy and alternative milks growing, coffee shop owners cannot risk the potential for cross contamination, especially with the new allergen legislation putting greater emphasis on retailers declaring all allergens in each food and drink item they serve.

To meet this need, Chicopee has introduced the Coffee Towel. Available in unique orange and purple colours, the Coffee Towel allows coffee shop owners to dedicate a specific coloured cloth to a particular type of milk, ensuring there is no cross contamination of milk products when cleaning the steam wand. The coloured towels are also outside the traditional four colour HACCP system, posing no risk of being confused with a traditional cloth or wipe.

The Coffee Towel has superior cleaning capabilities, including being heat resistant up to 250oC, when folded twice, and able to absorb up to nine times its own body weight. It also has a unique weave structure which improves bacteria pick up and makes it 30 percent more durable than other cleaning cloths and wipes.

Chicopee’s Coffee Towels are also externally tested, by ISEGA, for Food Contact Clearance (FCC), meaning it is safe to use in all food preparation areas.

James Taylor, director of product marketing for Chicopee, said, “Following the introduction of the new EU Food Allergens legislation, it is not only important for establishments to avoid cross contamination for their own benefit, but also for the health of their customers. The newly launched purple Coffee Towel, when used as part of an effective cleaning and hygiene plan alongside the orange Coffee Towel, can assist in achieving these objectives.”