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An Innovation in Food Handling: EasyGlove’s Clean Hands® System

Friday April 29, 2016

The phrase ‘Dirty Money’ may have different meanings for different people, but as far as microbiology is concerned have you ever thought about what else you are getting back along with your change when shopping?

In reality, we shouldn’t be surprised that notes and coins are contaminated, our own hands are colonised by millions of bacteria and money is the most frequently passed item in the world. Most of the bacteria is harmless but some is not. The concern grows however when bacteria from our money comes into contact with our foods through cross-contamination.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) guidelines for food operators state the need to wash hands before and after handling food items, but this can be difficult in a busy operation. We’ve seen disposable gloves become the go-to workaround but these can often become a source of contamination by touching surfaces, cash registers, pens and money.
The Clean Hands® system from EasyGlove has been developed as a solution for cafes, sandwich bars, bakeries, street-food vendors, supermarkets, delis and food operators looking for a quick and hygienic way to serve food and handle money.

Quick, Hygienic, Cost Effective and Eco-friendly

The Clean Hands System has many benefits:

  • Quick – removing fiddly gloves each time in a busy operation is challenging. Clean Hands is ‘easy-on easy-off’ making it simple and quick.
  • Hygienic – the system ensures HACCP compliance. Easily preventing cross-contamination between food and money.
  • Cost-effective & more environmentally friendly – gloves are re-useable. You will use and throw away fewer gloves per day; saving you money and better for the environment.

EasyGlove Clean Hands Multi-use KitSo How Does Clean Hands work?

The patented Clean Hands system uses magnets in the removable wristband and docking base to hold the glove in place. This allows for easy ‘slip-on / slip off’ of the glove, ensuring its removal after handling food.

The Clean Hands kit is comprised of 3 elements:

  1. Re-useable glove– non-powdered and allergy-free allowing for easy wear and a sensitive touch. Gloves are ambidextrous and re-useable – one size fits all. Packs of gloves can be re-ordered as and when replacements are needed.
  2.  Removable magnetic wristband – the flexible wristband can be easily popped in and out of the glove for use again and again.
  3. Magnetic docking base – designed to attach to a counter-top or can be worn on an apron for ease.

This is a fast and efficient system to cut down on your costs and serve customers quickly and hygienically. You, your staff and customers will love it.