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14L Great British bucket and wringer now made from 70% recycled plastic

Friday July 8, 2022

The UK manufactured 14L Great British bucket from our partner supplier Robert Scott® is now made from 70% recycled plastic. The recycled bucket body is black and features a colour-coded wringer with high neck sieve, mop holder and over-spill holes.  The recycled bucket joins a number of hygiene solutions from Bunzl Catering Supplies that have a reduced impact on the environment.

Clean floors improve the safety of the guests and employees in a hospitality operation. If not maintained properly, floors can become dirty or greasy which can cause a trip or slip hazard. Our comprehensive range of socket mopping systems from Robert Scott®, now with the 14L Great British bucket and wringer made from 70% recycled plastic, provide operators with everything they need to keep floors safe and clean.

The colour-coded wringer remains integral to the 14L Great British bucket and wringer as part of the colour-coded system that prevents cross-contamination during the cleaning process. If a single mop, bucket and wringer was used to clean every floor in a catering operation, bacteria could spread from the washrooms and front of house to food preparation areas, increasing the risk of cross-contamination and consequently illness.

In the wake of Covid-19, good housekeeping and robust janitorial systems are vital for the safety and confidence of guests and employees in all hospitality environments. Operators must ensure that they are utilising a range of effective janitorial supplies to regularly clean and sanitise surfaces, actively reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19. Bunzl Catering Supplies provide an essential range of janitorial supplies designed to equip hospitality operators with the tools and systems they require to accomplish all routine and periodic janitorial tasks to the very highest standard.

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