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There’s a good reason our market-leading blog is called INNOVATE. We’re dedicated to bringing innovation to our customers before anyone else. From new product concepts that meet emerging market trends to online service solutions that help customers with legislation; our expertise helps customers drive increased profit.


Sustain and Revive:

Sustain and Revive are an innovative system of colour-coded packaging designed to ensure an environmentally responsible end-of-life solution for catering disposable products.

Helping operators to address waste stream management by the use of strong product branding and labelling; Sustain and Revive communicates to the customer which waste stream they should dispose their used packaging into. Offering a choice of renewable and compostable packaging (Sustain) or recycled and recyclable packaging (Revive), operators can choose the option that is right for their business. Colour-coded in green the Sustain range asks customers to “compost me” and colour-coded in blue the Revive range asks customers to “recycle me”. Front-of-house bin labels with corresponding colour-coding and branding are provided free, helping customers to easily identify which bin to use.

Ensuring that customers dispose of used packaging into the correct waste stream helps operators to meet the environmental objectives they made at time of purchase, as well as significantly reducing the cost associated with sending waste to landfill. Sustain and Revive demonstrates to customers that the operator has taken a sustainable approach to purchasing and implemented a practical system for ensuring a ‘closed loop’ solution is in place.


Label 2 Go and Caterlabel:

Our exclusive brand Label 2 Go service offers a complete label solution for caterers big and small; from the independent café or bakery to large hospitals and universities.

An off-the-shelf range of labels co-ordinate with the latest packaging and disposables in the marketplace and we can deliver your labels to you plain or already over-printed with product information. Where bespoke label design and unique artwork is required our design team is on hand to create labels exclusively for you; promoting your individual brand and helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Part of the Label 2 Go service is Caterlabel, our online system that allows caterers to create, find and print food packaging labels on site using a computer with an internet connection and a printer. Launched in 2010, it’s a tried and tested system used by over 1000 Bunzl customers. Perfect for catering businesses with multiple sites; Caterlabel offers a secure administrative platform to oversee the management of labels centrally.

Printing labels with information including use by date, price, nutrients, QUID and GDA’s, Caterlabel removes the worry of meeting current legislation by always being up-to-date and compliant with current regulations. Caterlabel has already been updated to bold allergens in ingredients lists when ‘ticked’ as present by the caterer, meeting new food information regulations that came into force in December 2014.


Cleanline e-learning website:

We’re helping our customers safeguard their employees with a dedicated e-learning website for COSHH awareness training at The Cleanline COSHH training and product resource website is a free e-learning tool for customers using Cleanline Professional products for daily cleaning tasks.

The website can be viewed on laptops, tablets and phones. Managed by the operators designated administrator, access is available to all team members across multiple sites via a unique access code on the login page.

Up-to-date COSHH awareness training is given to individual employees in less than 15 minutes, via five engaging video modules. Each module cleverly tests employees by way of a multiple choice question, which must be answered correctly in order to move onto the next module. Successful completion of the five modules is rewarded by way of a certificate and automatically flagged to the administrator who can access and download user reports via the Admin tab. The report allows operators to see which employees have completed the training, together with the date they last completed it.

The beauty for our customers is that they can provide refresher COSHH awareness training for employees, whilst also making it an integral part of the induction process – ensuring new staff members are COSHH aware even before they’ve stepped on site – reducing the risks associated with on-the-job training.

A ‘Product Resources Section’ of the website advises employees on the Cleanline Professional products used at the site, with the added benefit of providing product specific videos on hazard, safety measures, dilution and application for each product, supported by the corresponding Safety Data Sheet.

We wanted to find an easy solution to help operators deliver auditable COSHH awareness training to their employees across multiple sites. The e-learning website and supporting video modules have been created to ensure they are visually stimulating and informative for employees, whilst at the same time being quick and easy to learn. With new REACH and CLP regulations set to have an impact on the way chemicals are labelled in 2015, we’ve ensured that the content is already up-to-date with new CLP labelling requirements.


Bespoke Print:

We help businesses promote their brand by offering a bespoke print service on a range of disposable and packaging products, helping to raise the profile of a brand for only a few pence more that the cost of a standard item. For smaller operations we can also facilitate a bespoke print on quantities as low as 5000.

Our dedicated print management team works closely with leading suppliers to design, create and manage bespoke products, and we can store stock of printed items for up to 6-months to ensure a continuity of supply. If you are already using bespoke printed products and would like to become a Bunzl Catering Supplies customer, we can arrange a transfer of your stock to provide seamless continuation of your items.



Account Management

Our strong and flexible approach to account management is critical to our success. A dedicated team of regional Customer Sales Advisors (CSAs) and Area Sales Managers (ASMs) are aligned to regional branches and work together to provide outstanding customer service.

The CSAs are our customer’s first point of contact for placing orders and general enquiries and they respond to the needs of local businesses with local knowledge.

The ASMs expertise in non-food consumables allows them to offer specialist product category advice and guidance, providing regular information on new products to the market and helping with concept and brand development. They offer customers guidance on improving back of house efficiency and improved cost control.

Sector specific national account management teams work closely with national customers, giving them support tailored to their business and creating working strategies and solutions.