Help Page


• The menu options in the left-hand navigation bar allows you to navigate through catalogue sections or other useful links.

• For the other offerings please Contact Us, or phone our UK Sales Hotline (see left bar for details).

• Within the product catalogue you can browse through the catalogue sections and links available in the main area of the page to find the products that you are looking for.


• If you do not already have a login, please register for a login via the 'Register' option at the right-hand end of the blue bar or the ‘Register for prices’ option on the left navigation bar.

• If you wish to register to purchase with a credit/debit card, the registration process is automatic and you will be logged in as soon as you have completed the registration form.  The details required are only those needed to place an order, and choosing a username/password.

• If you are an existing account customer, and wish to purchase your contracted items online, then you can also register via the 'Register' or the ‘Register for prices’ option.  However, the process is not fully automatic as we have to authenticate and verify your request before we can enable you to place an online order for your account.  To register as an account customer, please tick the 'Existing Customer' option on the registration form and enter your account number in the 'Account Number' field that appears below it.  Any other relevant details can be entered into the 'Comments/Actions' field.

Building a Basket

• You need to log in or register before you build a basket (see preceding section).

• Once you have chosen one or more products, enter a quantity next to each required product and select the 'Add To Basket' button.

• If you are on a page for single product, then 'Add To Basket' takes you to your Basket Page.

• On pages with more than one product you remain on the same page, but the Basket representation in the top right-hand corner is updated.

• You can go to your Basket Page at any time by selecting the 'View Your Basket' option from the Basket representation in the top right-hand corner of every page.

• On the basket page you can update the quantity for any product by amending the quantity value shown and the selecting the 'Update Basket' button.

• If you make changes but do not select the 'Update Basket' button, then your changes will be lost once you leave the Basket Page.


• Use the Search form at the left-hand end of the blue bar to search our product catalogues and other pages.  Please click on the button to the right of the text box to perform your search.

• Searches are keyword-based, and match all search terms by default. For example, searching for "paper" will show you all products containing the word "paper", while searching for "paper cup" will show all products containing both "paper" and "cup".

• If you already know a particular product code, then searching for the product code will find that product in our online catalogue.

• If multiple items are found, then you will see a list of results.  If only one item is found, then you will be taken direct to that item.

• To further refine a search, after your first search, a new search box allows you to “search within results”.


• Once you have completed your Basket and have all of the products that you require, click the 'View Your Basket' option from the Basket representation in the top right-hand corner of any page.

• From the Basket Page you should then select the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the page.  If your order is less than the minimum order value (£75), then this button will not appear, and you will be unable to place your order until more items are added to your basket.

• Once you have selected the‘Continue’ button you will see the 'Order Summary' page.  Please enter your final order details on this page and then select the 'Place Order' button to place the order. Please note the Purchase Order Number field is mandatory.

• At this point if you are an account customer, your order will be placed directly onto our backoffice systems.

• If you are a credit/debit card customer, once you have selected 'Place Order' you will be taken to our Worldpay credit/debit card payment processing service to pay for your order.  You must successfully complete the Worldpay payment before your order will be completed on our website.

If you are experiencing technical problems with the website, please contact